Kaleidoscopic Travel

After several round the world trips and 14 years in the travel industry, I knew it was time to create a project of my own...

My travels began at age 5 when my parents backpacked around Europe for 11 weeks. Since that moment, my eyes were opened to the world around me, I learned there were different people, sights, smells and tastes. Education through travel was a gift that taught me every human is equal and the world is a wonderous place that we must protect for generations to come.

Travel is a journey that enables our soul to develop, our heart to soar and our life to change. Walk down a different alleyway and meet someone who you would have never met, miss that bus and catch one 10 minutes later where you meet your future girlfriend, take a wrong turn and find the most amazing secluded beach no guidebook told you about. These are the experiences that make travel unique and the only way I can describe their beauty is to liken them to a Kaleidoscope.

Every turn provides a new beautiful unique pattern.

To be able to provide a holiday, a gap year or a journey to others, something that will change their path...is a dream come true. Kaleidoscopic Travel was developed so people could go out into this world and explore new destinations, meet new people, reconnect with themselves and their loved ones and to bring back a better understanding and tolerance of our world, to their own community.
So, blaze those trails. Surf those waves. Sit in silence in those places. Reach out and say hello. Hold out your hand to help. Eat what you want. Laugh. Party. Scale that mountain. Kiss that person. Hug that friend. Hold your child’s hand. Watch that sunset. Stay up late. Sleep in. Say Thankyou for this life. Take that chance. Board that plane. Pull that rip cord and GO.

We will help take you there.