Why not skiing on a ski holiday should be one of 7 deadly sins.


Photo Credit: Faster Skier

If you’re not a regular skier, or even a gym junkie who pumps the same muscles that you use skiing on a regular basis, there is going to come a day when your muscles are screaming for time out.

A lot of snow villages have a lot to offer that you may not get to explore if you’re a 9-5 dedicated skier.

Here’s our top things to do on a skiing holiday when you’re not skiing.

1/ Visit a day spa.

No matter which country you visit, you are bound to find somewhere to go and soak your weary bones and – if you are really up for spoiling yourself – get a massage.

You may be lucky enough to be staying in a hotel with spa facilities, and all you have to do is stumble downstairs, or you may have to travel a little farther. Depending on your snow holiday location, it could be a traditional spa with sauna,steam room and treatment rooms or a thermal spring carved straight out of the ground – like an onsen in Japan.

2/ Snowmobiling, snowshoeing or sledding.

Just because you need to rest your tired muscles from the vigour of getting yourself down the mountain, it doesn’t mean there aren’t activities in the snow for you to enjoy.

A more gentler pace of adventure comes in the form of snowshoeing or sledding, but if you’re an adrenaline junkie, sign up for some snowmobiling.

3/ Go on a self-directed foodie tour.

Gone are the days where you’re stuck with boring pub grub at the local ski village haunts. Villages these days are seeing an increase in gastronomical dining options. Qantas recently featured an article by Neil Perry about his favourite places to eat in Aspen.

There are so many locations around the globe to get your powder fix that chances are you’ll find yourself in a country with foreign cuisine and delicacies — get hunting, exploring and tasting!

4/ Take a cooking class.

Why not take it one step further and see if there any cooking classes around, especially if you are in a foreign country like Japan!

5/ Get Cultured.

Do you know anything about the town or village where you are staying? Is there some unusual history waiting to be learnt? Why not go in search of a local museum and go home slightly more educated.

6/ Get stretching.

It may be the last thing on your mind, but consider hunting down a yoga studio. Light stretching and tight muscles go together like fine, red wine and stinky cheese.

7/ Get into après-ski early.

If you think you can only partake in après-ski activities post skiing, you’re wrong. Après-ski can start whenever you decide, although we’re not suggesting you head straight to the bar at 8am!

Have a sleep in, relax, and get a rockstar spot at your favourite après-ski bar or restaurant while you wait for your friends to roll on down the mountain.

What are your favourite non-skiing activities on a snow holiday?