If you are a dedicated gym junkie/runner/yogi in your everyday life, why should you stop just because you’ve transported yourself to a new city or timezone? Granted, it’s not easy, especially if your trip away is for relaxation purposes and all you can think about is which cocktail you’ll start with and how much vitamin A you will expose yourself to.

But with fitness and health, consistency is key.

Here are seven ways to keep your fitness regime consistent while on holidays.

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This may sound like a no brainer. But how many times have you packed your suitcase and had to decide on your joggers or a second (or third) pair of stilettos? OK guys — you may not have the same problem. Especially if you like to travel light, it’s an easy temptation to leave those pull out the gym gear last minute and convince yourself you wouldn’t have used them anyway. We get it, they take up a lot of room.

But if there’s a will there’s a way — ever considered travelling in them? On less pair of shoes to pack and comfort all through the journey.

That’s step one. And If committing to packing the gym gear is the hardest part, then take a breath, because the next step will challenge you: using them.


So you’ve managed to squeeze in a few pieces of gym gear — kudos to you. So how do you make those running shoes see daylight and don’t remain at the bottom of your suitcase?

Schedule it into your day.

Just like any other busy/no-so busy day in your life. You need to schedule your training into your day. Do you set your alarm clock most mornings to get up and train before work? Or do you squeeze in a session before dinner?

There is no reason why holidays need to be any different. Set that alarm and get a workout in before you hit the big buffet breakfast, or allocate an hour before you meet for sunset drinks. Obviously if you’re planning on a few cocktails during the day, the latter is not advisable.


Have you even considered there may be free training sessions held close by to where you are staying? Nike stores around the world have a Nike Fit Club, offering guided running or interval training sessions. Lululemon has the yogi’s sorted with free yoga classes in many of their stores.

If you’re a CrossFitter, research the nearest CrossFit to where you are staying and contact them in advance.

Triathlete’s (speaking from experience), find a local club and ask if you can join them for casual sessions.

The same goes for any activity you partake in. Do some research in advance and make some contacts. You may also make some local friends and get the lowdown on what’s on around town.

Being a triathlete myself, I try and find local clubs to where I am staying and contact them to ask if they mind me joining in on sessions. I’ve never had anyone say no. This way, you continue training consistently…and ensure the ‘I haven’t exercised’ guilt stays away.

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Nike Training Club


It’s not just big cities that have bike paths or trails available for you to walk, run or cycle. Small country towns, such as the Barossa Valley, South Australia have created paths to help you venture between towns, provide a safe and easy ways to explore and get those km’s in.


Not every holiday or destination is going to allow you to continue with your ‘normal’ training regime. Be realistic about what will be available to you and adapt your training.

For example: If you’re heading on a skiing trip to Japan, getting out for a long run may be hard ask. Switch your focus to another form of exercise. Maybe your body could use a few good stretch/core sessions (especially after hours on the ski fields). Just keep moving…no matter what.


If you’re like me and you need someone screaming at you to get the job done, then find it.

There are apps, pod casts or Youtube videos for pretty much anything these days.

Yoga Studio was rated number #1 app on a technical review website, Pocket WOD is a great go-to for CrossFitters, and if Boot Camp is your tonic, then British Military Fitness is sure to keep you working hard.

Charge your iPad and let your virtual instructor keep you in check.


Keep. It. Simple. *insert your preferred adjective for yourself starting with S*

Chances are your hotel will have a gym. As boring as they can be, they serve a basic purpose: to offer you a means and a way to exercise in the hottest of environments and coolest climates.

If you’re a regular trainer then you should have some basic workout in your head — or ask your trainer to write one for you before you go away.

Don’t let those gym shoes collect dust while you’re away.

Be committed and be rewarded.